In an intimate relationship, it’s a common error to believe that emotional closeness and tension can’t co-exist—that love and anger can’t sit at the same end of the couch. Riding the Passionate Edge turns this mistaken idea upside down, demonstrating how to create a greater sense of aliveness in ourselves and in our relationships. The book digs down into why, when we sidestep tension, we can end up with behaviors (from empty smiles to stony silences) that mask a deep loneliness. In a desire to dispel that loneliness, the authors tackle subjects that affect us all—anger, anxiety, ineptness at naming our feelings, a deep need to be listened to—bringing fresh understanding of how and why our relationships can go flatter than a flounder, and what to do about it when that happens.

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Riding the Passionate Edge is both inspiring and profoundly useful for those seeking love that lasts. Grounded in practical suggestions and real life examples, this book is a truly helpful guide for couples. I recommend it without reservation.”

Dr. Kenneth Ruge, Supervisor
American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy